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August 5, 2021

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As a leading architecture firm in Toronto, ON, we focus on delivering the highest standard of work and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Over the past three decades, we have worked with clients from numerous industries and completed projects of different sizes. 

During that time, we’ve come across a few hurdles, for instance, sourcing materials that match our design, obtaining permits, working within a budget, meeting a deadline, and so on. 

On some occasions, we get to work on legacy projects with recreational departments and prestigious organizing committees. While these projects present much bigger challenges, we can find quick solutions and produce results that impress our clients. Some of the projects that we’ve worked on have tremendous importance and will be appreciated for years to come. These are the ones that make not only us proud but also our community. 

Keep reading to learn about how we helped construct an equestrian facility for the Pan Am Games. 

The Challenge: Designing and building an equestrian facility within four months

In 2014, we were commissioned to design and build the new Caledon Equestrian Park Judges Tower and Spectators’ Pavilion. We were awarded the work at the beginning of January and had a deadline to complete the buildings by May. The new buildings were scheduled to be open for use before the horse competitions started in May. It seemed like an impossible deadline.

Our client had committed to opening the facility by May 1 for the equestrian season. That meant we had four months to design, prepare permit drawings, obtain the building permit, start and complete construction of two buildings that would be open for use that year but were really meant to be part of the facilities of the Caledon Equestrian Park for the following year’s Pan Am Games. 

The equestrian competition schedule had already been set for the year. So, there was no option of delaying the opening. The biggest unknown was the time it would take for the Town of Caledon to issue the building permit.

The Solution: Quick planning and frequent communication with client and team

Since we had limited time, we had to work quickly but efficiently. We submitted design sketches to the client, which they immediately approved. Based on those sketches, we then prepared drawings for a foundation permit. The Town had agreed to consider issuing a foundation permit, something they might not normally have agreed to.

While we submitted the foundation plans to the Town, we continued with the design and permit drawings for the superstructure. The client was very helpful and gave decisions quickly. We held weekly meetings on-site, which the Municipal officials also attended. This really helped the lines of communication. Meanwhile, heavy equipment was on-site moving earth and preparing the foundations in one of the coldest months of the year. Our site was beautiful, on a hill, overlooking sweeping country views. It was great for summer events, but not so great for winter construction. The wind was so cold!

Our biggest challenge was that we had time constraints. However, with strong communication and record-keeping, and a team approach between the Contractor, Consultants, and the Municipality, we met our deadline with one week to spare.

Planning a solution and figure out how to achieve all of our tasks within a short timeframe took us a few hours, but we managed to bring everyone on board.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the circumstances or challenges that arise, at Marilyn Ypes Architect Inc, we vow to find a solution that respects the needs of our clients, their user, budget, timeline, etc. 

We have been in the architectural field since 1985. Today, our work includes Retail, Industrial, Health Care, Office, Education, Day-Care, Recreational, and Residential projects. 

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